A Midsummer Night’s Dream | LHPS


For the last year I’ve been photographing the theatre at Lake Highland Prep, which is truly an honor and a delight! I continue to be incredibly impressed by the quality and calibre of the shows these students are putting on. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is NOT an easy show, yet somehow these kids (young adults) pull it off in such an¬†effortless way. If you would like to see a show, they begin Sept. 29th. More info can be found on their website!¬†midsummer-1PINmidsummer-6PINmidsummer-2PINmidsummer-3PINmidsummer-4PINmidsummer-8PINmidsummer-5PINmidsummer-10PINmidsummer-12PINmidsummer-24PINmidsummer-27PIN

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